Natural Mineral Water Ice Cubes
Available in 1kg, 2kg & 4kg bags
Natural Mineral Water Ice Cubes The Mineral Water

Abenbury Natural Mineral Water comes from an historic and major sustainable source, running from the foot of the Welsh mountains to the heart of the Welsh countryside. Found at 140 metres it harbours exceptional purity as it is filtered for 5,000 years. It is with this mineral water that Calypso produces the majority of its branded products. Using Abenbury Natural Mineral Water ensures purity and equals an unrivalled consistency in the quality of the products produced.

The Ice - Packed At Source

The only ice cube in the UK, and we believe the world, made from natural mineral water. Devoid of contaminants, it enables Calypso Ice to maintain premium quality and taste. Calypso Natural Mineral Water Ice Cubes are produced at high capacity, state of the art facilities, and are blow frozen to prevent clumping. The result: slow melting, pure, clear, drinks quality ice cubes of unrivalled composition. Calypso can produce 50 tonnes per day and offer a 100% delivery service.

Mineral Analysis
Abenbury Natural Mineral Water

Typical Values (mg/l)
Calcium 46 Magnesium 23
Potassium 7 Sodium 86
Bicarbonate 412 Chloride 42
Sulphate 23 Nitrate <1
Dry Residue at 180C 437 pH (at source) 7.6
What The Trade Say:

"Despite the explosive growth in the popularity of bottled waters, up to now there has been no alternative to common-or-garden tap water when adding ice cubes"

"Calypso's launch is perfectly timed to capitalise on the increasing level of consumer interest in cocktails and mixed drinks"
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